Delta Piano Trio

“…harmonic sounds buzz through the hall, nebulous translucent like frosted glass and rich in precise contours like a landscape after a storm…with youthful vigor, many ideas, cheeky wit and deep thoughtfulness they delight their audience. Non-ending applause is the reward.”


- Review Salzburger Kammermusikfestival 2014











































The Delta Piano Trio was founded in Salzburg (Austria) by three young Dutch performers: violinist Gerard Spronk, cellist Irene Enzlin and pianist Vera Kooper.


In a world of globalized uniformity the trio stands out by its personal sound, dedication and natural youthful vigor. Their playing is honest, un-affected and passionate, merging three personalities into one musical entity. They approach chamber music as a form of communication, an exchange of ideas, and a shared road of reflection, discovery and evolution. Aiming to shape it’s own path, the Delta Piano Trio has an eclectic and personal choice of repertoire, encompassing the entire range of the piano trio literature.


Since their founding in 2013, the Delta Piano Trio has performed extensively in The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Russia and the United States. In the spring of 2014 the trio won the first prize, as well as a special prize for the performance of a twentieth-century work, at the 7th International S. Vainiunas Chamber Music Competition in Vilnius, Lithuania. Their debut at the 4th Salzburger Kammermusikfestival, in a shared concert with the Borodin Quartet, was highly acclaimed by both audience and critics. In September 2014 the trio won a first prize at the Salieri-Zinetti International Chamber Music Competition in Verona, Italy. In March 2015 the trio made their United States debut at the New York Chamber Music Festival and had the chance to work with composer Lera Auerbach on her first piano trio. Future engagements include concerts in Korea, Hong Kong, Argentina, Chile and Europe.


The Delta Piano Trio has the privilege to work with Wolfgang Redik (founding member of the Vienna Piano Trio) and Rainer Schmidt (Hagen Quartet) at the Universität Mozarteum in Salzburg. Further musical influences include Stephen Kovacevich, Alexander Bonduriansky, Louise Hopkins, Miguel da Silva, Johannes Meissl and Hatto Beyerle (founding member of Alban Berg Quartet). Since 2015 the trio combines their studies in Salzburg with the Cycle Concertiste in Paris, a program for young ensembles especially established to help jumpstart their career, under the guidance of the Trio Wanderer.


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