The Mirror with Three Faces

The Mirror with Three Faces

The Delta Piano Trio enjoys a special relationship with composer Lera Auerbach. Whilst searching for contemporary repertoire the group fell in love with Auerbach’s piano trios, performing them regularly and, after writing to her about them, enjoying the opportunity to work on this music together with the composer. This experience has given these musicians a unique insight into Auerbach’s piano trios. The title of this CD was inspired by Auerbach’s second piano trio, Tryptych – The Mirror with Three Faces (2012). The work, which is at the heart of this disc, follows the physical construction of a hinged mirror, and Auerbach speaks of it in terms of a theatre piece in which three individuals have their own separate stories but are part of a single entity. Yet there is an ambiguity about the reflection in the mirror –is it three facets of the same person, or three separate images?


Auerbach’s Piano Trio No. 1 is one of her earliest works, with fascinating allusions to19th- and 20th-century musical traditions, yet with the addition of very specific effects which imbue her music with a unique spectrum of colours. The influence of Shostakovich is audible in Auerbach’s Piano Trio No. 1, and this disc opens with Shostakovich’s Piano Trio No. 2. The opening movement is a paradoxical combination of rigorous counterpoint and ethereal harmonics, followed by a more forceful, rustic and ironic second movement. A mournful passacaglia follows, and the work concludes with a haunting ‘Dance of Death’.


Works by Lera Auerbach & Dmitri Shostakovich

Genre : Classical 

Label : Odradek Records (2018)

Video : David Boos
Catalogue: ODRCD350

UPC: 855317003509

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"A very powerful account of Shostakovich’s Second Piano Trio, one which takes nothing in the music for granted. Throughout, there is a keen attention to details often overlooked by other interpreters…the Delta Piano Trio also has a fine grasp of longer-term structure…Odradek’s recording is both warm and clear."

BBC Music Magazine, May 2018

"The Shostakovich is a gutsy performance, magnificent in its grasp and fully in tune with the composer’s many faces. Auerbach’s Piano Trio No.1 (1992/4) is an early work that begins with a traditional emphasis on counterpoint; but its first movement ends with remarkably effective seagull imitations. Moving forward some 20 years, the second trio, Triptych: The Mirror with Three Faces takes inspiration from a hinged mirror: three faces, but are they the same person? Contrasts are critical, from the frozen first movement to the grand gestures of the fleeting second, thence to a Shostakovich-influenced Waltz. A wonderful, enriching performance of a piece that demands attention."

International Piano Magazine 

"The Delta Piano Trio is a bright-eyed and talented ensemble of young musicians. I am delighted that they bring their gifts to my music with such passion and mature understanding." 

Lera Auerbach

"Glowing performances of three great piano trios. Be it in the most energetic or in the very quiet and meditative passages, the Delta Piano trio plays with great intensity and crackling tension."

Remy Frank, Pizzicato Magazine

“The playing of the "Deltas" is highly concentrated and of equal intellectual clarity, while infinitely fragile, even tender, spiced with a pinch of nostalgia. Also the interpetation of the famous Trio no. 2 of Shostakovich bursts of vitality."


" instant ear-grabber..."

Norman Lebrecht, Slipped Disc